Our History

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Our 20 years – We entered the field of store fixture millwork installation in 1992


Big Box Retailers – Our first opportunities were facilitating the expansion of big box retailers like Wal-Mart and Home Depot throughout North America.


Convenience Marts – After a successful launch we added crews and entered the rapidly expanding convenience mart business by installing hundreds of Mobil-On-The-Run locations.


Vendor Shops – The designer clothing market exploded in the late nineties and we were there to service their expansion. We installed thousands of high-end millwork vendor shops in department stores throughout the U.S. Additionally we completed several flagship locations in New York, San Francisco and Chicago.


Cosmetics – Maintaining a consistent launch of cosmetic lines in department stores, we installed showcases and back islands for Estee Lauder and several other brands.


Automotive – The fast-paced and highly competitive automotive world required showroom and service environments that inspire their customers.  Commercial Decor Group is the leading installation company in this market and has installed thousands of locations.


Wireless – Commercial Decor Group has installed hundreds of locations for the wireless phone market.  We have installed both full stores and kiosks for many brand names.


Food – Commercial Decor Group was integral to Starbucks and Jamba Juice installing both full-store and kiosks throughout the United States.


Drug Stores – We have recently completed full-store renovations to CVS pharmacy locations throughout California.